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1. “TQC at Enterprise Lever” (Hindi Edition)
2. Statistical Process Control with applicaion by B. Banerjee
3. Quality Best Practices :
Selected QCI – DL.Shah National Quality Award Winning case studies
Year 2014 - 22 Case Studies
Year 2015 - 17 Case Studies
Year 2016 - 15 Case Studies
Year 2017 - 21 Case Studies
Year 2018 - 22 Case Studies
4. “Quality Management Practices”
An Excellent Compilation of 67 papers received for the Internation Conference on “Quality Management Practices”. Organised in the year 2008 jointly by Institute of Technology and Management, Navi Mumbai and National Centre for Quality Management edited by Dr. R.P. Mohanty (Limited stock).
5. 5S Pocket Booklet

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