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National Centre for Quality Management (NCQM) is one of the premier professional organisations engaged in dispensing various quality related services to various sectors through seminars, training, education, publications, research and advisory services.

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NCQM provides the following services related to Management of Quality.

Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops

NCQM organises Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops in TQM, ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 (EMS), OHSAS 18001, Integrated Management System, Lead Assessor course, Internal Quality Audit, Laboratory Accreditation, HACCP, SQC / SPC, Workplace Management (6S)& Waste Management (7W), Root Cause Analysis for problem solving through use of QC Tools, Quality Tools, Techniques, Six Sigma - White, Yellow, Green & Black Belt, Lean Management and others.

Customised Training
Customrised training in all areas of TQM, SPC, ISO 9000, TS 16949, ISO 14001 (EMS), OHSAS 18001, IMS, HACCP, Lab accreditation, SEI-CMM. These training programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisations.

Advisory Services
NCQM provides advisory services on turnkey as well as assignments basis in all the above areas.

Quality Audit Services
NCQM conducts adequacy and compliance audits on Quality Management Systems of organisations for its effectiveness.

Educational Courses

  • Post Diploma in Total Quality Management (PDTQM)
    PDTQM is a correspondence course for graduates in any discipline or diploma holders in Engineering / Technology or its equivalent.
  • Diploma in Quality System and Management (DQSM)
    DDQSM is a six months part time course conducted in association with Engineering / Management Institutes. The course is open for all graduates and technical diploma holders.

Publications/Training Aids / Library / Newsletter Click Here for Publications Books

  • NCQM has Books related to Quality for sale.
  • NCQM brings out a Quaterly magazine entitled Quality Striving for Excellence
  • NCQM maintains a Library for its members.

International Affiliation
NCQM is a member of World Quality Council and Asia Pacific Quality Organisation, Iranian Society of Quality Managers:

Research Surveys
NCQM conducts research surveys on Quality Status of various industrial sectors and publishes the survey findings.

List of NCQM Programmes for In-house training, Public Seminars / Workshops / Courses.

  1.0 Quality System
1.1 ISO 9000 / 14000 / 1800 Lead Assessor / Auditor
1.2 ISO 9001 : 2008 (QMS)
1.3 ISO in Service Industry
1.5 ISO 14000 (E M S)
1.6 ISO 9000 for Software Industries
1.7 Internal Quality Audit (IRCA)
1.8 Auditor Skill Upgradation
1.9 Internal Quality Audit 9001
1.10 Integrated Management System 9000 / 14000 / 18000 (IMS)
1.11 HACCP Awareness
1.12 SEI-CMM

2.0 Tools and Techniques for Organisational excellence
2.1 Implementing COQ (Cost of Quality)
2.2 Quality Circles and Kaizen
2.3 Quality in Project Management
2.4 5S (Creating Quality Environment) & 7 W
2.5 Total Productive Maintenance

3.0 Six SIgma and Related areas
3.1 Statistical Process Control (SPC)
3.2 Quality Management
3.3 Quality Planning
3.4 Quality Improvement
3.5 Total Quality Management (Concepts and Practice)
3.6 Quality in Banking Sector
3.7 Quality in Various Service Sectors
3.8 Taguchi Experiments
3.9 Process Improvement
3.10 Measurement Uncertainty ‘Principles and Practice’
3.11 Continual Quality Improvement
3.12 Customer Satisfaction
3.13 Profitability Through Purchasing Management
3.14 Step-By-Step Problem Solving
3.15 Six Sigma – Yellow Belt / Green Belt / Black Belt
3.16 Lean Six Sigma

4.0 HR
4.1 Training for Trainers
4.2 Training TQM Facilitators
4.3 Managing Time
4.4 Dynamic Team Building and Leadership
4.5 Personal Effectiveness
4.6 Customer Orientation
4.7 Negotiation Skills
4.8 Communicate to Win (Presentation Skills)
4.9 Leadership and Teambuilding
4.10 Performance Management System
4.11 Reducing Stress

5.0 Soft Skills
5.1 Creative Thinking
5.2 Customer Care Skills
5.3 Professional Selling Skills

6.0 Sector Specific programmes
6.1 Bench Marking
6.2 Standards and Measurement
6.3 Supply Chain Management
6.4 Practical Marketing
6.5 Successful Sales Management

7.0 Bussiness Excellence
7.1 Integration of TQM, TPM & Six Sigma towards Bussiness Excellence
7.2 RBNQP (Indian Equivalent of MBNQA of USA) for Bussiness Excellence
7.3 Frost & Sullivan Award for Manufacturing Excellence
7.4 TPM Award for JIPM

NCQM also provides customized solutions in Quality Management area to suit any specific needs of an organisation.

This one year PDTQM correspondence course is designed to improve qualification of professionals, students and in-service persons and focuses on TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Organisations in manufacturing and service industry can gain by sponsoring their personnel from all functions. Demonstration of application of TQM principles and ISO 9000 systems is well integrated in the course through Project Work. There is an optional paper specially for personnel of service industry. Graduate in any discipline interested in enriching his knowledge of Quality Management can join this course.

New batches commences in January and July. Examinations are conducted by NCQM at several places in India.
For further details please contact NCQM at the following address:

Head Office    
Executive Director
Kailas Industrial Complex, 503 ‘G’ Wing, 5th Floor,
Vikhroli- Hiranandani Link Road
Vikhroli (W) Mumbai 400 079
Tel. : (022) 25170483 / 69, 240111962
Email: ncqm@vsnl.com,drr@ncqm.com,    
Website: www.ncqm.com


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